Toxicological risk during pregnancy

Toxicological risk during lactation

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Nutritional supplements and breastfeeding


Exposure to dietary supplements and herbal products during lactation is a growing phenomenon today.

This is probably a paradoxical response to the reduced use of drugs during pregnancy and lactation due to fear of developing teratogenicity or toxic effects in the newborn. On the other hand, for many breastfeeding women, natural products seem to be a safe and reliable alternative due to their mass advertising on mass media and social networks. A 2002 study by Matas et al found that about 60% of breastfeeding women use herbal treatments or supplements at least once during lactation. Various tonics and adaptogens such as Rhodiola and Ginseng are most commonly used for faster recovery from pregnancy.

Despite the existence of the above phenomenon, there is incredibly scarce evidence in the medical literature on the safety of various herbal preparations, herbal products and nutritional supplements. One of the goals of our activity is to gather in the evidence available so far the safety or not of the various herbs and food supplements and to provide you with this information in free access for all interested.

We hope that the information gathered and provided in this way will be a reliable source of knowledge for all doctors who serve the health needs of women during lactation.