ATC drug classification

International Classification System for Medicinal Products

ATC drug classification is used in many countries to label and study medicinal products.

Each code contains 7 characters denoting 5 levels of differentiation:

The first level, the first sign, is a Latin spelling letter denoting the anatomical area, the diseased organ, which is treated with the given medicinal products - this is the main anatomical group.

The second level, second and third sign, are Arabic numerals - the main therapeutic group.

The third level, the fourth character, is also a Latin spelling letter - the therapeutic subgroup.

The fourth level, the fifth sign, indicates the chemical group of the medicinal product.

Level 5, sixth and seventh characters are again Arabic numerals denoting the name of the active ingredient of the medicinal product or combination of medicinal products.

Toxicological risk during pregnancy

We use the well-known FDA classification

Toxicological risk during lactation

Toxicological lactation category I - the drug and / or its metabolites are either not eliminated through breast milk or are not toxic to the newborn and can not lead to the development of absolutely no toxic reactions and adverse health effects in the short and long term. Breast-feeding does not need to be stopped when taking this medicine, which falls into this toxicological category of lactation.

Toxicological lactation category II - the drug and its metabolites are eliminated through breast milk, but the plasma: milk ratio is very low and / or the amount released can not generate toxic reactions in the newborn for various reasons, including degradation of the drug in the acidic pool of the stomach. the newborn. Breast-feeding does not need to be stopped while taking the medicine.

Toxicological lactation category III - the drug and / or its metabolites generate plasma concentrations equal to or higher in breast milk and therefore the development of toxic reactions in the neonate can be expected. Breast-feeding should be discontinued for the period corresponding to complete elimination of the drug or its metabolites from maternal plasma.

Toxicological lactation category IV - the drug and / or its metabolites generate a plasma: milk ratio of 1: 1 or higher and / or have a highly toxic profile for both mother and newborn, therefore their use is incompatible with breastfeeding and it should discontinue completely, not just for the duration of the drug, or seek a less toxic therapeutic alternative.