Abdominal Ultrasound How, Why and When

Abdominal Ultrasound How, Why and When pdf

Abdominal Ultrasound How, Why and When by Jane A. Bates MPhil
Ultrasound continues to be one of the most important diagnostic tools in medicine and is used by a wide range of healthcare professionals across many applications. This book provides a practical, clinically relevant guide for all practitioners working in the field of abdominal ultrasound. Its aim is to enable the operator to maximize the diagnostic information and recognize the limitations of ultrasound scans. Accessible, step-by-step approach Covers the basic related anatomy, technique and ultrasound appearances together with the most common pathological processes Written at a level suitable for both students and practitioners
This new edition features:
4-color figures throughout
New chapters on 'Ultrasound in infectious diseases' and 'Safety and musculoskeletal disorders
Expanded sections on the bowel, and Contrast agent techniques.

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