Bettinggenius v.3.06 free download

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Bettinggenius v 3.06 a soccer prediction software with computer simulation on the matches in advance ... !!!
This is a unique soft which is now on the market by 0 euros for a copy ...
A computer simulations on the incoming matches which can see on the videos is a great prediction tool which drastically improve your chances to beat the books!
In fact no matter how you are experienced in the soccer betting about 98% of the bettors withouth nice computer program on his hands loose constantly the money.
Bettinggenius v 3.06 allow you to achieve success prediction rate 65% + and ROI 18% +!

Please take a moment to watch this short video that will show you the power of Bettinggenius version 3.06 improved by us.

Bettinggenius is an excellent soccer prediction software with option of the computer simulation of the incoming matches!
The average succes rate of the predictions is 65% + and ROI is 18% +.
For the successful betting you need to follow the rith algorythm:
From Prediction history see which teams are ROI leaders
Make the computer simulations of his matches like you see on the video on the first page but keep on mind the following importan information:
The Draw zone is the difference between team ranks about 100 points and below
To asheive the Home team win they need often more than 120 points difference
To asheive the Away team win they need often more than 150-200 points difference between team ranks
Is an excellent idea to record your prediction in the section TICKET MANAGER of the Bettinggenius and to see the corelations between bookie's odds and success rate of your prediction
Is also a great idea when the bookie's odds are more than 3.50 for the Home team and more than 3.00 for the Away team to use double chance of your predictions and if you follow this rule the success rate of your prediction will often be more than 70 %.
No all matches are siutable to betting! Bettinggenius give all the information you need to make some successful bettings:
Power coefficients for Overall and Home & Away teams
Rating power for incoming matches of the teams after computer simulation of the incoming matches
AHC test option which is also a powerfull prediction tool
Real confidence of the predictions and more and more ...

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